Caring for Students - Wellbeing

At MHS we offer an extensive range of support for our students and their families.


Breakfast Club

Located at Kitchen 1 outside the year 7 quad, breakfast club operates 5 days a week from 8:00am to 8:45am. Supervised by volenteer teachers breakfast club is operated by students and includes toast with toppings, milo and juice all at no cost to students. It's not only a place to get energised for school but also to socialise with friends.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come along.

Boys' and Girls' Advisors

At Maitland High School we have one male and one female teacher acting as boys and girls advisors.
Our Girls' Advisor is Ms Liz Everson. She is an English teacher and can be found in the English staffroom upstairs in P block. 

Our Boys' Advisor is Mr James Keith. He is an Industrial Arts teacher and can be found in the IA staffroom in W block. 

Vaccination Program

Students can be vaccinated in line with the NSW Health schedule. 

Our next vaccinations are for Year 7 students and will begin on 13 March 2017. 

Click here for our parent/carer information letter. 

The NSW Goverment has recently made changes to the Vaccination Schedule for school students.
Students in Years 11 & 12 are now being offered vaccinations for Meningococcal disease.
Click here for more information. 




       Video made by students Layne Baker, Nathan Sargison and Kelsey Winchester 



What is bullying?

Bullying and harrassment occur when people use and abuse power to trouble, annoy or oppress a person. Students should report bullying to the teacher who is supervising them.  That is, their classroom teacher at the time or the teacher on playground duty.


Stopping bullying starts with you!

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Know that "put-downs" hurt others
  • Help others who are being bullied.

If someone tries to bully you:

  • Ignore them if possible.
  • If you can, look them in the eye, tell them to "stop" and then walk away.
  • Ask for support from an adult.

If you have been bullied:

  • Talk to an adult (parent, teacher) who can help you to stop the bullying.
  • Let your friends know what is happening.
  • Go  to places where you feel safe.
  • Keep on asking for support until the bullying is stopped.

For more information on what Maitland High School does to prevent and respond to bullying, read our Anti-Bullying Procedure

More information on bullying is available on the 'Schools A to Z' web site


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