School Years - Year 7


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There are many exciting changes that students encounter when they move from primary school into high school. One of the most popular aspects of high school is the greater number of subjects that students experience. 


During Year 7, students study core subjects including Science, Maths, HSIE, PDHPE and English. As well, they engage in multiple elective-style subjects including, but not limited to, food technology, electronics, metal work, languages, music and woodwork.






Students in Year 7 will also be given the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become successful students. This occurs through the school's ‘Learn2Learn’ program where they are taught research and library skills. The ‘Learn2Learn’ program involves using validated online resources to research an issue and present the information with effective presentation software programs.





Year 7 students are stimulated by the ‘7 steps to Writing Success’ program, which inspires great writing.


Year 7 Activities

Our Year 7 students have many exciting opportunities to enjoy. The biggest and best is our excellent Year 7 camp!

Students also love our Year 7 Gala day, our Year 7 rewards day and a number of engaging excursions to places such as Taronga Zoo and Maitland Gaol. 

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