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Finding Reliable Sources


Five Ways to Evaluate Credibility:

​1. Authority

  • Who is the author? Are they an expert in their field and the topic?

  • Have they been cited by other authors?

  • Have they written other articles/books in this field?

  • Who is the publisher?


2. Currency

  • When was the article/book published?

  • Is the publication date right for your need?

  • Do you need current or historical information?

  • How old is the information cited in the article/book?


3. Content

  • Is the information relevant to your topic?

  • Is the target audience appropriate?

  • Is it written in an academic or scholarly language?

  • How valuable is the information to your topic?


4. Accuracy

  • Does it adequately explain the research methodology?

  • Can you verify the accuracy in other sources?

  • Do you recognise authors in the bibliography?

  • Is it peer-reviewed?


5. Bias

  • Is the research sponsored by an organisation?

  • Is the author trying to sell or push a product or service?

  • Do other authors agree with the author's point of view?

2. Access Credible Research Databases

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