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Know where to access information; get note-taking tools,

and be organised for your referencing.

1. Join the State Library of NSW

  • The State Library has an excellent 'HSC study' section with resources to support all your course materials.

  • It also has research databases, eBooks, magazines and newspapers.

  • Note: It takes a day for your membership to be processed, so join early so you can access resources when you need it.

2. Use Digital Note-Taking Apps

Download and learn Google Keep, or OneNote. They help you to keep all your ideas in one organised place.



3. Citing Sources

  • Build your list of sources as you go. this will ensure you can return back to the source material at any time to check, revise or add information.

  • Use the APA-7 Citation Generator to automatically cite and format your references.

  • Use tabs for subjects and topics.

  • Summarise key points, ideas, quotes, and links.

  • Include relevant images, or multimedia elements.

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