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Know what you're looking for; why you need it; and where to get it.

1. Plan Your Research

1. Identify the Task Requirements

Look carefully at the task description AND marking criteria. Together, they have lots of explicit instructions, but also inferred areas that can be helpful.


Make a list of what you need to research. What knowledge or evidence do you need to satisfy the task requirements?

2. Evaluate Current Resources

​It's not just what you know, it's what you can prove (sources/ evidence).

Key Questions:

What information have you already been given? (eg books/ articles)

Which parts of the task description does that knowledge satisfy?​

Which parts need more evidence?

​3. Make a Plan

Write a list the information you need to research / collect to satisfy the task.

Then against this, list the best places to source that missing information.

Early Stage: Exploring.

This is fairly unstructured. It's asking broad questions; reading and/or watching informative videos to get a sense of the 'big picture'.

Middle Stage: Describing.

This is more structured. Your questions are focused on understanding important areas more deeply. Your aim is to be able to describe and prove key information.

Advanced Stage: Explaining.

In this stage, your questions are about understanding why things are important and how they impact or connect to other ideas/ areas.

Researching for an assessment/ assignment

What stage of the research are you up to?


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